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  • Perfect Free File Shredder tool to annihilate sensitive data from Windows 8, Windows 7, Win XP and Win server
  • Easily obliterates files saved on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted HDD partitions
  • Best solution to shred critical files from SD card, CF card, MMC and memory stick
  • Ability to remove files and folders from SATA, IDE, PATA, ATA, SCSI and SSD hard drives
  • Popular Free File Shredder application to erase data completely from Transcend and Kingston USB drives

Free File Shedder Download

Shred confidential files from your computer hard disk completely

If you are searching for an application that can remove your private data completely from your PC hard drive then you have landed at right place. To erase all your personal data such as emails, banking information, etc. from your system disk drives you just need to use a robust software such as free file shredder. There are many computer users who attempt to destroy their personal information by performing certain simple tasks like formatting a drive or partition in their PC that holds their confidential piece of information. But formatting a drive or partition will result in the temporary loss of private files.

These lost files can be easily revived with the help of a reliable file recovery application. Formatting is not the right option when one wants to get rid of their drive files permanently. For shredding files completely from one's computer it is extremely important to overwrite the data to be hidden many times. It is not possible to perform free secure deletion of files manually and there are certain standards which must be followed in order to destruct the secret information from a PC. Free File Shredder tool uses nine such data shredding standards and all these are approved by many international and law enforcement agencies to shred file free.

Who can use Free File Shredder software and when?

In today's corporate world file shredding is an extremely essential task and it should be carried out carefully in order to avoid leakage of confidential information. A company's most critical data must be protected from falling into unsafe hands. Before handing over the system to the company employees it becomes necessary to remove all the private and confidential information related to the organization. In this situation this software can be used to erase off sensitive files and folders associated with the company. If these files are not destroyed then the business rivals may use the secret data against you which is not desirable at all.

Free File Shredder tool is also helpful to regular computer users. Suppose you want to sell your personal computer to an unknown person. There are chances that your PC may contain some official files, photo files and other personal account related information in it. Before selling your desktop to a stranger if these files and account related data are not annihilated then that stranger might misuse your personal account related information which will cost you a lot. To avoid this horrible situation you must make use of this efficient program which uses nine standard data shredding patterns to shred file free and delete them permenantly. If you are a Windows 7 user then to delete files that hold highly secret data you should try Free File Shredder application as it is an ultimate freeware to obliterate Windows 7 files within a specified time.

Standard data destruction patterns used by Free File Shredder application:

To perform free secure deletion of files from PCs, memory cards, USB drives, digital cameras and camcorders this utility uses nine data erasing patterns which are recommended by government agencies and various international organizations. These standard shredding patterns are as follows

In all these the US Department of Defence (DOD 5220.22 - M) + Gutmann Method overwrites the data 38 times thereby providing high security level. Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Overwrite and DOD standard 5220.28 STD are those three data erasing standards which provide low security level. DOD standard 5220.28 STD method overwrites the target area by 0 for the first time and then by a random value in between 1 to 9. For some more details on hard drive data shredding and patterns, log on to

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Free File Shedder Download

Steps to shred file free:

Step 1: Once you download and launch this tool in your computer all the system drives will be loaded on the left pane tree as shown in the below figure to perform free secure deletion of files.

Free File Shredder - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the appropriate drive from where you want to remove files. As soon as you select a drive from the list of drives the files stored on that drive will be listed. You have to add these files to be shredded into the shredding zone.

Free File Shredder - Select Files to be Shredded

Fig 2: Select Files to be Shredded

Step 3: From this step you need to select a specific file shredding pattern among nine different patterns by clicking on "Erasing Option". Click on "OK" after selecting the shredding pattern.

Free File Shredder - Select the Shredding Pattern

Fig 3: Select the Shredding Pattern

Step 4: In this step you need to click on "Erase files and folders" option. This step will lead to the shredding process. Once the process gets completed a window will open up to indicate the completion of shredding process.

Free File Shedder Download