How to clear browsing data on Android??

Nowadays, Android is considered as one of the best operating system on mobile platform; these cell phones are designed to be fast, reliable and well-built with lots of advanced features and functionalities. They are many Android manufacturer models are present in the market and the one best feature of any Android cell phone is it supports great internet experience.

With such wonderful features all Android users browse internet on these cell phones. Android cell phone supports many useful and popular applications such as Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut, email applications, bank applications etc. And users can use this device to bookmark important sites, store their bank and financial information on browsers history, save their account information and many others. But the data stored on your Android device browser is not 100% safe and secure, if you’re android cell phone gets into wrong hands then it will lead to lot of problems, so if you are one such user with question like, “how to clear browsing data on Android”. Then the answer is using Privacy Cleaner software. This software will help you to clear all the browsing data on your Android phone, in a very safe and secure way.

The tool is also helpful when your Android phone has accumulated of lot of unwanted data, which can include browsing history, cookies, caches, bookmarks etc. Many users don’t usually clear their browsing history thinking that it is safe and protected, but it is wrong. Actually accumulation of such unwanted data will decrease your Android phone performance and gradually slows down your Android device. So if you’re a user with this problem then immediately go for Privacy Cleaner software to clear browsing data on Android. This tool is the best answer for the question how to delete browsing data on Android phone. Apart from the Android OS, this tool also has separate builds for Mac and Windows OS. If you’re working on Windows 7 platform then you can check out this url:

Privacy Cleaner application also serves as secure wiping tool, which ensures that the deleted Android data cannot be recovered using any recovery application. The wiping techniques used in this application are Zero Pass wiping technique, Random Pass and DoD Pass for higher security. You can automatically schedule Auto Clean process every 2 day. This application can be used to clear browsing on Android cell phones and Tablets. If you want to clear browsing history on Android phone, then immediately go for this expert utility. It is the finest application to permanently remove PC files.

The Main Feature of this application includes:

  • Single one touch cleaning process
  • Increases phone performance after cleaning purpose
  • The application is compatible to run on all Android applications such as Android 2.1, 2.2, 3.2, 4.0 and above versions
  • Helps you free up space on your Android phone
  • Has separate options like Clean Cache (Cleans browser and application cache), Clean History (Removes all history of all accessed and opened website), Clean Bookmarks (Deleted all saved bookmarks) and Clean Free Space (Wipes data from internal and external storage memory which makes data irrecoverable)
  • In addition to this it even facilitates user to clean clipboard, clear SMS, clear call log

Direction to use the software:

Step1: Open the application, the main screen displays containing three options “Clean All”, “Select & Clean” & “Cancel”. Select “Clean All” to wipe all the data from Android phone . To select and clean the desired data use “Select & Clean” option.

How to Clear Browsing Data on Android - Select Application

Step2: To go into the main window utilize “Cancel” option. The main windows displays all options to perform each task separately using the app.

How to Clear Browsing Data on Android - Select Option

Step3: Choose the option “Clean History” to clear browsing on history Android phone.

How to Clear Browsing Data on Android - Clean  Browser History