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Data shredding or data destruction becomes inevitable sometimes. Many large organizations do data shredding in order to protect their organizational confidential information from being accessed by a third person. Normally major files that contain privy data are stored on the hard disk of a system so that they can be accessed very easily. Under some situations it becomes essential to completely destruct these files in order to keep our personal information safe. Most of us try simple ways of deleting these files completely from our PCs like using keys such as "Delete" or "Delete All".

Some of us empty the recycle bin thinking that this action will result in the permanent deletion of those crucial files. There are some others who think that by formatting the hard disk it is possible to get rid of all the necessary as well as unnecessary files. All these simple ways of annihilating the hard disk data won't prove to be beneficial and that is when the need for a file shredder arises. To rub out your hard disk private data utterly you will require a safe and reliable software such as free file shredder. By using this program you can shred all your hard drive files of any file format in an easy manner. This software can shred files from Personal Computers, digital cameras, memory cards and camcorders with utmost ease.

This tool is unique from all other data shredding tools. It actually uses nine data sanitizing patterns which are approved and highly recommended by various international organizations. The names of these data vanishing standards are as follows

Among these data sanitizing standards US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22 – M) + Gutmann Method overwrites the data to be removed completely 38 times. Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion has the ability to overwrite the critical data 35 times. DOD standard 5220.28 STD overwrites the data to be washed off from hard disk 27 times. These three standards provide a high security level. The file shredding patterns which provide a medium security level are North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard, German : VSITR and US Navy, NAVSO P- 5239-26 – RLL. The remaining three patterns provide a low security level. Click on and get to know more about the standard data shredding patterns.

By using this utility you can wash off all your secret data from memory cards of famous brands like Kingston, Transcend, Sandisk etc. It is also possible to shred formerly erased files from hard disk of brands such as Fujitsu and Seagate by using "wipe free disk space" option provided by this application. To get rid of files from hard drives such as SCSI, IDE and PATA you must try this efficient software.

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Free File Shedder Download

Steps to wipe out hard drive data:

Step 1: Download the software and install it. Launch the software and select "Erase Hard drive/ Partiton" option from the main screen.

Free Hard Drive Data Shredder - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: From this step you need to pick a particular drive in order to destroy files in it. Then add the files to be destroyed into the shredding zone.

Free Hard Drive Data Shredder - Select Files to be Destroyed

Fig 2: Select Files to be Destroyed

Step 3: To select a specific file shredding pattern using radio button and then click on "Proceed" to start file shredding process.

Free Hard Drive Data Shredder - File Shredding Patterns

Fig 3: File Shredding Patterns

Step 4: As soon as the file shredding process gets completed you will receive a success message.

Free Hard Drive Data Shredder - Success Message Patterns

Fig 4: Success Message

Free File Shedder Download