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Most of us assume that by emptying the recycle bin of Windows or by using any particular key combination such as Shift + Delete we can completely wipe out the data from our computer system. But this assumption is not true at all. By emptying the bin or by shift deleting the data you are actually temporarily erasing the data. Data gets permanently deleted from a system when a new data occupy the space of the deleted data.

This is nothing but overwriting of data which leads to complete deletion of files or folders in the system. how to shred file for free? It is not possible to manually overwrite each and every file to be erased completely from the system. In this condition you need a software that can quickly overwrite all your confidential data and permanently erase them from your Windows computer. The best option available to carry out this task is free file shredder. By using free file shredding software you can delete files permanently free of private official data which are of no use to you now.

Suppose you want to sell your PC for some reason to an unknown person. There are certain files and folders in your computer which contain highly sensitive data related to your workplace or your project. If you simply delete them from your desktop by hitting the "Delete" button or by using "Delete All" button they can be regained back using some data recovery tools. how to shred file for free permanenlty? In such a condition you can use this software which is quite effective to delete files permanently free from different storage devices.

Simple deletion won't work out when you want the data to be destroyed utterly. To obliterate these confidential files you will require this reliable application. There are various other situations where you will require this tool. You will definitely need this program if at all you don't want your crucial data to reach some tricky hackers. To avoid gradual escape of your personal data from your device to someone else’s device use this outstanding application. If you want to get some additional details regarding Free File Shredding Software then you should go through

Free File Shredding software employs nine data wiping patterns to delete files permanently free. They are as follows

These nine data removing patterns are approved by different international defence organizations.

This software is capable of expunging files and folders from Windows server, Win XP, Win Vista and Windows 8 computer. Free File Shredding software is an excellent tool to rub out different type of files from FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS drives that are formatted. To annihilate data from memory cards such as SD card, Compact Flash card and MMC this is the perfect solution. It has the ability to wipe out critical data from USB pen drive and USB memory sticks with ease. If you want to erase confidential data from your hard drive which may be of the type SATA, ATA or PATA make use of this software as it is the best freeware to erase hard drive data within the specified time.

In case you want to clear browsing history on Android phone, then make use of “Privacy Cleaner application”.  This application serves as secure wiping software, which ensures that the deleted Android phone history cannot be recovered using any recovery application. Visit this site for complete info:

Free File Shedder Download

Steps explaining how to shred file for free:

Step 1: To shred files first download file shredding application on your system and install the same. Launch the software and select "Erase Files/ Folder" option from the main screen.

Free File Shredding Software - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: In second screen you will get a list of drives from which you need to choose a drive that contains files to be removed. Choose the files to be erased and add them into the shredding zone.

Free File Shredding Software - Select Files to be Removed

Fig 2: Select Files to be Removed

Step 3: After adding the files into the shredding zone you have to choose a shredding pattern among nine file shredding patterns. You can do so by clicking on "Erasing Option".

Free File Shredding Software - File Shredding Patterns

Fig 3: File Shredding Patterns

Step 4: In this step you need to select "Erase files and folders" option to begin the erasing process. Once the erasing process gets completed a window will come up indicating the completion of the same.

Free File Shredding Software - File Shredding Patterns

Fig 4: Success Message

Free File Shedder Download